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“Collaborating Against COVID”, Chemistry in Australia, Sep-Nov 2021 download pdf

“Hard Reality”, Chemistry in Australia, Jun-Aug 2021 download pdf

“High & Dry”, Chemistry in Australia, Sep-Nov 2020 download pdf

“Mentoring: Success Breeding Success”, Chemistry in Australia, Jul-Aug 2020 download pdf

“Funghi at the Frontline”, Chemistry in Australia, May-Jun 2020 download pdf

“Diamonds Forever?”, Chemistry in Australia, Jan-Feb 2020 download pdf

“Shining Stars”, Chemistry in Australia, Nov-Dec 2019 download pdf

“Bitter Pill”, Chemistry in Australia, Sep-Oct 2019 download pdf

“The Life of Brynn”, Chemistry in Australia, Jan-Feb 2019 download pdf

“The Beaker List”, Chemistry in Australia, Nov-Dec 2018 download pdf

“Bearing Witness”, Chemistry in Australia, Sep-Oct 2018 download pdf

“The Rise and Rise of Gallium”, Chemistry in Australia, July-Aug 2018 download pdf

“The Hard Truth”, Chemistry in Australia, Jun 2018 download pdf

“Bog Bodies – Still Here in the Hereafter”, Chemistry in Australia, May 2018 download pdf

“A Cool Visualisation Breakthrough, Part 2”, Chemistry in Australia, Mar 2018 download pdf

“A Cool Visualisation Breakthrough, Part 1”, Chemistry in Australia, Feb 2018 download pdf

“Fighting Fire With Chemistry”, Chemistry in Australia, Dec 2017 download pdf

“Inside Running”, Chemistry in Australia, Oct 2017 download pdf

“Rapid Progress”, Chemistry in Australia, Sep 2017 download pdf

“Getting a Reaction”, Chemistry in Australia, Aug 2017 download pdf

“A Rare and Declining Craft”, Chemistry in Australia, Jul 2017 download pdf

“Directed Evolution”, Chemistry in Australia, May 2017 download pdf

“Drug Detection on the Road”, Chemistry in Australia, Apr 2017 download pdf

“Science Meets Business at the Centenary Congress”, Chemistry in Australia, Mar 2017 download pdf

“From Thin Air”, Chemistry in Australia, Feb 2017 download pdf

“Celebrating Chemistry in 2016”, Chemistry in Australia, Dec 2016 download pdf

“RACI NSW initiatives for young chemists”, Chemistry in Australia, Dec 2016 download pdf

“Weighty Issues”, Chemistry in Australia, Oct 2016 download pdf
Reprinted in Australasian Science, Dec 2016

“Genesis of a Gemstone”, Chemistry in Australia, Sep 2016 download pdf

“Cobalt Blues”, Chemistry in Australia, Aug 2016 download pdf
Reprinted in Australasian Science, Oct 2016

“Prime Numbers – 40 Years of the EMDG”, Chemistry in Australia, Jul 2016 download pdf

“Quantum Leap – Redefining SI”, Chemistry in Australia, Jun 2016 download pdf

“Complet-ium: The Race to the End of Period 7”, Chemistry in Australia, May 2016 download pdf

“Mentoring – An Open Invitation”, Chemistry in Australia, Apr 2016 download pdf

“The Science and Society of Wedgewood”, Chemistry in Australia, Mar 2016 download pdf

“Gamma Activation Analysis: A New Gold Standard?”, Chemistry in Australia, Jan/Feb 2016 download pdf

“School’s in for Summer”, Chemistry in Australia, December 2015 download pdf

“Fun and Games”, Chemistry in Australia, November 2015 download pdf

“Groundbreaking Work, Part 2”, Chemistry in Australia, October 2015 download pdf

“Groundbreaking Work, Part 1”, Chemistry in Australia, September 2015 download pdf

“Citizen Science: The New Enlightenment”, Chemistry in Australia, August 2015 download pdf

“The Tale in the Sting”, Chemistry in Australia, June 2015 download pdf

“War of Words”, Chemistry in Australia, May 2015 download pdf

“Fundamentals of the Fourth State”, Chemistry in Australia, April 2015 download pdf

“Global Industry Drives the Dry Cell”, Chemistry in Australia, November 2014 download pdf

“Speed Dating Chemists in NSW”, Chemistry in Australia, October 2014 download pdf

“Agricultural Warfare”, Chemistry in Australia, September 2014 download pdf

“The Inner Space Race”, Chemistry in Australia, August 2014 download pdf

“Phlogiston Theory, A Grand Prequel”, Chemistry in Australia, July 2014 download pdf

“The Next Great Thing in AAS”, Chemistry in Australia, June 2014 download pdf

“From Russia with Love”, Chemistry in Australia, May 2014 download pdf

“Marionette Money”, Chemistry in Australia, April 2014 download pdf

“Closing the Loop: Industries as Ecosystems”, Chemistry in Australia, February 2014 download pdf

“Graduating to Industry”, Chemistry in Australia, December 2013 download pdf

“Chemexcil Trade Show 2013”, Chemistry in Australia, December 2013 download pdf

“A New Direction for Nickel”, Chemistry in Australia, November 2013   download pdf

“Supporting Australian R&D”, Chemistry in Australia, October 2013   download pdf

“Optimising Value from Your R&D”, 2013   link

“An Introduction to Commercialisation Australia Grants” 2013   link

“An Introduction to the R&D Tax Incentive” 2013   link

“An Introduction to the Export Market Development Grants” 2013   link

“Guidance Notes: Preparing Information for your R&D SmartForm” 2013

“The Unfolding Intec Story.The Tasmanian View”, prepared for presentation to the Somerset Rotary Club, 2011

“A New Light for Heavy Metals: The Intec SPL Recycling Process”, 2011   download pdf

“Useful Products from Plating Industry Sludge”, 2011

“Waste Recycling”, 2011

“Making Light of Heavy Metal Recycling”, 2011

“Unlocking Stranded Opportunities with the Intec Process”, 2011

“Taking the ‘Waste’ out of industrial wastes”, Recycling International, March 2010   download pdf

“Intec: Technology Solutions for the Minerals Processing Industry”,  adapted from a paper prepared for the International Minerals Processing Congress 2010   download pdf

“Galvanised for Success”, WME Magazine, Oct 2010   download pdf

“Making Light Work of heavy Metals”, Enviro 2010, Melbourne, 2010

“Australian Industrial Ecology Network”, 2009

“The Intec Nickel Laterite Process”, Alta 2005

“The Intec Copper Process: A Detailed Environmental Analysis”, Green Processing 2002   download pdf

“The Intec Zinc Process”, CIMM ’02,    download pdf

Corporate Communications and Reports

Over 100 corporate communications, ASX announcements and reports, including:

Intec Ltd Annual Reports – 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

Intec Ltd Quarterly Reports – 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011


Presentation: “Metallurgy: The First Science”
University of the Third Age, Apr 2014

Presentation: “Marionette Money”
Royal Australian Chemical Instute – NSW Consultants Group Meeting, Dec 2013

Presentation: “Industrial Ecology”
Royal Australian Chemical Institute – NSW Chemical Educators Group Meeting, Nov 2013

Presentation: “The R&D Tax Incentive”
Grants Connector: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, October/November 2013  (link)

Presentation: “Finding Your First Job in Industry”
Royal Australian Chemical Institute Young Chemists Group, October 2013

Presentation: “Industrial Ecology in Practice: A Case Study in the Clean Reuse of Heavy Metal Wastes”, Industrial & Commercial Waste Recycling 2011

Presentation: “Recovering Metals from Industrial Waste: A presentation to the Ai Group Environmental Solutions Forum”, 2010

Presentation: “Intec Ltd: Clean Recycling of Industrial Wastes”, Sydney Cleantech Network 2010

Presentation: “Australia’s Industrial Ecology Network: One company’s waste is another’s resource: A presentation by Intec Ltd to the Ai Group Sustainability Cluster”, 2010

Presentation: “Making Light Work of Heavy Metals” Waste 2010

Presentation: “Industrial Ecology: A New Look at Wastes – A presentation to the Ai Group Environmental Solutions Forum”, 2009

Presentation prepared for: “Boardroom Radio Mine Services Online Conference”, 2009

Presentation: “Little Fish, Big Pond – A Case Study of the Challenges and Opportunities for New Environmental Technology”, presented to Industrial Ecology, 2009

Presentation: “Intec Ltd”, Amec National Minerals Congress, 2008

Presentation: “Intec Ltd”, 3rd Annual Mine Tailings  Conference, 2008

Presentation: “Intec at Hellyer: Building Profitable Partnerships” Mining Tasmania  Conference, 2008

Presentation: “A Great Opportunity for Clean, Green Profits – A Presentation to Mining Aust-Asia”, 2008

Presentation: “Intec Ltd”, Amec National Investor Briefings, Adelaide and Melbourne 2007

Presentation: “Intec Ltd – Australia’s Newest Zinc Producer”, prepared for Australian Zinc Briefing 2006

Presentation: “Capturing Near-Term Value from Stranded Assets in this Metals Super-Cycle”, Excellence in Mining and Exploration 2006