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Networking & LinkedIn

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NatureArticleNetworking for introverted scientists
Inside BusinessArticleHow to network when you hate networking events
ABCArticle7 ways to make networking less awkward and slimy
ABCArticleOvercoming shyness
Inside BusinessArticleHow to tailor LinkedIn for a better experience tips to fine-tune your online presence when job hunting
Science MagazineArticleLink up to jump-start your job search
Science MagazineArticleThe keys to a powerful LinkedIn profile
SeekArticleThe 6 most cringeworthy networking moves

Job Prospects

ABCArticleMost uni students get a job within months of finishing but some courses do better than others
News.comArticleAs many as 46 university graduates are competing for each graduate job vacancy
SMHArticleYou end up behind a bar’: 22 graduates fighting for every job
News.comArticlePart-time purgatory: University graduates unable to find fulltime work
LinkedIn PosterArticle5 Tips To Score Your Dream Job Before Graduation
SeekArticleHow long does it REALLY take to find a new job?
News.comArticleUniversity graduates share their stories about failing to find work
SMHArticleAustralia has an underemployment problem
ABCArticleGrim situation’: 19 applications for every entry-level job advertised, research finds

Job Search

SeekArticleJob hunting myths set straight
LinkedIn PosterArticleTreat your job search like your final year project
News.comArticleApplying for jobs through formal ads not best way to get ahead, says MasterCard heavyweight
LinkedIn PosterArticle5 Job Search Mistakes No One Told Me About
LinkedIn PosterArticleThe Most Painful Job Search Mistakes People Keep Making (Again, and Again)
SeekArticleWhy is Nobody Calling Back?
SeekArticleWhat to do if you don’t hear back on your application
SeekArticleJob hunting rumours set straight

Resumes & Cover Letters

Novo ResumeCareers BlogExtensive list of resume and cover letter articles
Mining PeopleArticleWhy you shouldn’t list your referees on your resume
LinkedIn PosterArticleMost Cover Letters Stink. Here’s 4 Ways to Make Yours Stand Out.
Evolve ScientificArticleApplication Guide
SeekArticleHow to talk about achievements in your resume
SeekArticleHow to avoid standing out for the wrong reasons
SeekArticleWhat’s different about going for a job now?
Bayside GroupPublicationWriting an effective cover letter guide
SeekArticleWhat a great resume looks like

Internships & Unpaid Work
ArticleMuffin Break boss says unpaid work is dead because Insta-obsessed Gen Y have ‘inflated self-importance’
ABCArticleHow working for free went mainstream
ABCArticleUnpaid internships: Millennials speak out as expert warns of legal risks

Social Media

ABCArticleSanitising your social media: A guide for job hunters
ABCArticleEmployer asks interviewee for Facebook page, but many see it as an invasion of privacy
SeekArticleRecruiters reveal: top 3 social media fails


SeekArticleThe best questions to ask at the end of the interview
SeekArticle7 ways to tell if your interview went well
SeekArticleOnline Interview Advice
Seek Employer: Insight BusinessArticleThe top 5 interview questions to ask candidates
SeekArticle9 essential questions to ask your interviewer
News.comArticleWhy you should never sit down before a job interview
LinkedIn PosterArticleThere Are Four Kinds of Job Applicants And Only One Gets the Job
LinkedIn PosterArticleHow to persuade recruiters to take a leap of faith…and hire you
SeekArticle4 ways to prepare for an interview
Social TalentArticleThe One Question You MUST Ask Candidates in Every Interview
SeekArticleWhat to wear to an interview, really
ABCArticleWhy storytelling is important in job interviews
SeekArticleRecruiters reveal their most impressive candidates ever
News.comArticleXero boss won’t hire anyone who doesn’t take their coffee cup back to the kitchen after job interview
WTFisnextArticleTime to face reality. Why you need to align expectations in the workplace.
ABCArticleExpert advice on how to master the virtual job interview over Zoom and Skype
Smart CompanyArticleThe death of the handshake: COVID-19 has changed the way we hire, and there’s no going back
SeekArticle7 Ways to tell if your interview went well

Other / General

RegusArticleThe five soft skills that will set you apart in today’s job market
SeekArticleHow to overcome being considered overqualified for a job
Business2CommunityArticle7 Lessons from Game of Thrones To Advance Your Career
SeekArticleThe honest truth about redundancy
SeekArticleThe Australian workforce has to change
The GuardianArticleThe deadly truth about a world built for men – from stab vests to car crashes
News.comArticleTattooed employees ‘shortsighted, impulsive’
InsidesmallbusinessArticleThe future of mentoring is genderless
InsidesmallbusinessArticleHow to get a great mentor by being an amazing mentee

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Resources for Women in STEM

Department of Industry, Science,

Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources Advancing Women in STEM Strategy
Science in Australia: Gender
The ConversationArticles on Women in STEM
Australian Mathematical Sciences InstituteEngaging Women in STEM – International Evidence
Professionals Australia2018 Women in STEM Survey
UNESCOGirls and Women in STEM
CSIROBe a Catalyst for Change