Introduction – Shiying Zhu

Hi friends, my name is Shiying Zhu (David), a 3rd PhD from Bio21 Institute, University of Melbourne. I am a new mentee joining the 2020 RACI mentor program and will graduate this year. I am kind of like a biochemist with research focusing on NMR technique to analyse protein/peptide-membrane interaction in vitro and in-cell. And my main molecular techniques are protein/peptide expression, organic synthesis of small/large molecules, chemically/biochemically peptide/protein purification, and biological assays (MIC, MBC, cytotoxicity).

In the past, I do not have a clear mind on how to get a job and roughly think a good CV (such as plentiful work experience or good publications) is the only important thing. After listening mentor Dave’s wonderful talk about career plan, I want to share one key factor with everyone.

I just realized how important it is that job seekers need to understand the job advertisement deeply and can tell interviewers what they can bring and help the companies or research labs to grow better. As for this, job seekers need to spend a lot of time to investigate the projects in the companies or research labs and figure out the possible ways to push these projects forward before the interview. A good CV sometimes only help you open the gate to the interview but not get the job.

Hope my gained knowledge will help you to perform better during the interview. And hope everyone can stay safe and have a good day.