Looking for Opportunities

Here’s an interesting comment series. In the first, the author advises against putting ‘Currently Seeking Opportunities’ in your LinkedIn profile, saying that it labels you as weak or desperate.

Now I think there may be scope for discussion of that point. It could be argued that it doesn’t hurt to make your network aware that you are on the market, so that they can let you know if they hear of opporunities. After all, your network is going to be your strongest resource when it comes to locating and securing your next opportunity.

The author then follows up about the question ‘but how will recruiters find me?’. Andin this his answer is spot-on. When it comesto recruiters, you find them, and not the other way around. Unless you are a senior executive or exceptionally noted name in your field, you shouldn’t expect to benefit from recruiters approaching you.

So here are the articles: What do you think?

Linkedin – Never say ‘Looking for opportunities’

LinkedIn – Don’t expect recruiters to call you