Boosting Your Confidence

Science is one of society’s most undervalued professions. Where the nightly news will devote up to half its time to talk about the latest results of people playing little games (and often with really poor sportsmanship), its likely enough that the only mention that science will get in a week will be some negative report.

So its little wonder that many of us who grow up in the love of science, virtually without commendation or approbation, emerge into the world without that same sense of confidence enjoyed by our peers of a sporting background.

One of the great revelations to me as an adult was an understanding and acceptance of who I am – the good and the bad, that which can (or should) be improved, and that which just makes me special in my own little way.

If you are a young scientist, possibly shy or lacking in confidence, and until you find your own epiphany, I can say only this: You are your own fact of existence. Find a way to believe in yourself, and the world will believe in you.

Here is a TED talk about building confidence. Is it useful to you?