Anti-Social Media

Today’s paper has yet another example of social media use gone wrong. An interaction between two people online led to rapid escalation – both publicly seeking to shame each other online. She ended up being harrassed by thousands of people. He lost his job. And a friend of his is facing charges after allegedly making rape threats.

Ultimately, both sides are claiming to be the victim.

This is just another demonstration of the dangers of anti-social media. Whenever you post here on Facebook or elsewhere, always remember that:
1. Your posts are ultimately out of your control.
2. Your posts will be online FOREVER.
3. Employers WILL judge you by your online presence.

Every post you make has the potential to hurt you. Every negative comment you make. Every mention of your politics. Every mention of ill-judged or intemperate behaviour.

When it comes to recruitment time, your potential employer will be looking for reasons NOT to hire you. For the employer, it is  better to eliminate you now than expose themselves to risk later on.

So don’t give them an opportunity. Use social media wisely and with caution. Don’t air your politics or you frustrations, and certainly never your hostility. Be positive and social. And don’t ever post words or pictures that you wouldn’t be willing to be judged on.