Schedule of 2020 Careers Events

Previous 2020 Events

June 2020Event Training
5th JuneQLD Early Career Chemists
Social Mixer
Event link
10th June 17:00“Chemraderie”
Online Networking Event
Event registration
17th JuneNSW YCG
Ask a Forensic Chemist

Event link
25th June 18:30National Careers Webinar
Lessons from Recent Graduates
Event registration
27th June
09:00 – 13:00
Intensive Careers Workshop
for active jobseekers
30th JuneSA YCG Live Careers Event
Chemists in Industry and Government
Event link
All month(Training task tba)
During JuneMentees’ participation survey
July 2020Event Training
3rd JulyQLD Branch
Trivia Night
Event link
8th July 17:00Chemraderie
Online Networking Event
Event registration
15th July, 18:30Mentoring Programme
National Videoconference
(Mentoring Programme only)
Event link – contact Dave Sammut
23rd July 18:30National Careers Webinar
What I Wish I Knew
At The Beginning of My Career
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All monthRead STAR Stories article
During JulyMentees’ participation survey
During JulyMentee get-togethers
(mentee organised)
August 2020Event Training
5th Aug 16:00Chemraderie
Online Networking Event
Event registration
13th Aug 18:30National Careers Webinar
Choosing A Career Path
Event registration
All monthPrepare a list of target employers
During AugustMentees’ participation survey
September 2020Event Training
17th Sep 18:30National Careers Webinar
Aceing Your Interview
Event link
All monthPrepare 2 STAR stories
During SeptemberMentees’ participation survey
October 2020Event Training
15th Oct 18:30National Careers Webinar
Success with LinkedIn
Event link
All month(Topic tba – to be related to webinar topic)
During OctoberMentee get-togethers
(mentee organised)
During OctoberMentees’ participation survey
November 2020Event Training
Date tba
(to avoid exams)
National Mentoring Videoconference
Individual Job Search Strategies

(Event link pending)
All month(Topic tba)
During NovemberMentees’ participation survey
Final Mentoring Programme Outcomes